Confidential Private Investigator in San Diego

Is there a situation in your life or your business where you think you may need the assistance of a licensed private investigator?

If you have never hired a private investigator before it may seem a bit intimidating or even strange to you. Well to dispel the myths of TV PI’s we all don’t drive Ferraris and are not all James Bonds.  We for the most part are former law enforcement officers; some have backgrounds as spies for the government and some are former military investigators, who have had many years performing investigations, making arrests, chasing fugitives, etc.
We now use these skills learned to help people in the private sector.
You can be assured that we are San Diego Confidential Private Investigators, and will never divulge your case or information about your case to anyone without your permission.
American Detectives is a California state licensed private investigative firm, offering services in San Diego, California and surrounding areas.
We are also available to travel anywhere nationwide and to most international countries. Our contacts include current and former law enforcement professionals, intelligence officers as well as many other investigation firms.
We specialize in the following types of investigations:
Locate Missing Persons
Cheating Spouses
Runaway Children
Background Checks
Asset Checks
Computer Crimes
Internet Relationships
Bodyguard Protection (incidental to investigation)
We have over 25 years’ experience in all types of investigations and are available 24/7 should you have an urgent need for a PI.
What are the benefits of hiring a Private Investigator?
San Diego Private Investigators are licensed by the State of California to gather information and engage in surveillance.  San Diego Private Investigators understand what is permitted under state law.  If the potential for legal proceedings exists (e.g., divorce, child custody, alimony, etc.), hiring a private investigator can help minimize your risk.  Many people have obtained useful information about a spouse on their own, but were unable to use the information because of how it was obtained.  Not only does hiring a private investigator help minimize the risk of information being thrown out during legal procedures, but in most cases PIs are allowed to testify on your behalf.
San Diego Private Investigators are also better at collecting information because of their training, experience, and their lack of emotional involvement.  Many people who try to catch a cheating spouse on their own, have a difficult time knowing what to look for or they become too upset while the process unfolds. 
What are the disadvantages of hiring a Private Investigator?
A major consideration when hiring an San Diego PI is the cost involved.  Depending on where you live, hiring an San diego PI can easily run into the thousands of dollars.  And while there are always less expensive options available, given potential consequences involved, the additional expense may be worth every penny.
No matter what you need we our consultations are always FREE! And they are always CONFIDENTIAL!
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